Healthy Millionaire Shortbread

I was experimenting in the kitchen the other day and was trying to think of some new healthy treats I could make that did not need an oven. Then I had this light bulb moment and thought surely, I can create a healthier millionaire shortbread using a gluten free nut base, a date caramel spread … Continue reading Healthy Millionaire Shortbread

Potluck Quinoa Salad with the best Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing

This Quinoa salad is one of my go too lunches its quick to make and very satisfying. Trust me you are going to want to make a big batch of this and the cherry on top is that this salad transports really well! So it's perfect for packed lunches, picnics or for a BBQ with … Continue reading Potluck Quinoa Salad with the best Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing

Spiced Lemon Chicken and Chickpeas

This is one of those great one pot recipes that is simple to make and only uses one pot saving on the dreaded washing up. I originally tried this as a recipe from BBC Good Food and found the dish incredibly bland, but I knew it had potential.  So I adjusted it, well pretty much … Continue reading Spiced Lemon Chicken and Chickpeas

Top 4 places to eat in Margret River.

I’m just sat here in lockdown dreaming of the yummy food I should be eating right now! Not that I’m a bad home cook or anything, I absolutely love cooking, but I also really really enjoy other peoples cooking! One place I was actually really shocked by the quality of the food was Australia, I … Continue reading Top 4 places to eat in Margret River.

Where to eat in South Goa : Palolem and Agonda

With so many restaurants to choose from it can be difficult to find the best food in South Goa and a lot of it can be really rubbish. But not to fear there are plenty of great places to choose from to suit all budgets and we have eaten our way around Agonda and Palolem, … Continue reading Where to eat in South Goa : Palolem and Agonda

The Best Dessert In Amsterdam

  Amsterdam is an amazing city with so many foodie experiences, from the delicious Amsterdam Foodhallen to The Avocado Show and speciality Indonesian restaurants, there is something for everyone. But one thing Amsterdam does incredible well is dessert! Think baked apples, an abundance of cinnamon and plenty of caramel. If you’re not drooling already then … Continue reading The Best Dessert In Amsterdam

Mini Egg Brownies

Are you looking for the best chocolate recipe to impress your friends and family this Easter? Well look no further you’ve found it! These scrummy, squidgy brownies are simply delicious and pimped with everyone’s favourite Easter chocolate Mini eggs. I absolutely love celebrating Easter, and everyone always thinks I’m truly mad when I start decorating … Continue reading Mini Egg Brownies

Tuscan Kale, Leek and Gruyere Tart

There are not many things I miss about England, I used to get huge cravings for homely food but over the years this has diminished. However, one thing I always miss is pastry! Myself and pastry have a love affair that goes way back and one of the first things I do when I land … Continue reading Tuscan Kale, Leek and Gruyere Tart

The Best Street Food in Mumbai

One thing you can always count on in big cities is that you can always find amazing food and Mumbai lived up to this promise and delivered some really tasty treats! But this time we didn’t go out and find it ourselves, instead we booked a street food tour run by Reality Tours and wow … Continue reading The Best Street Food in Mumbai

🇫🇷 Twice Baked Cheese Souffle

  For Valentine’s day this year I decided to give the best gift I could think of .... food! As I had a bit of time on my hands I decided to make something special and tackle my favourite French dish, Cheese Soufflé. I had never made one before and expected the dish to be … Continue reading 🇫🇷 Twice Baked Cheese Souffle