About Us

Well it’s safe to say that from a young age we both had a desire to travel andfb_img_1483505064209 spent many years trying to figure out the best way to do it on a budget. We are a multinational couple from Britain and Holland and first met when we  were working as  holiday representatives on a campsite in Italy, being paid next to nothing but living the dream on our precious days off exploring the Italian lakes. Since then our desire to travel has only got stronger. So we got better jobs, but still in Italy, and save save save during the summer months so we can explore the world on our time off over the winter.


Although we travel on a budget we also save enough to make sure we can enjoy some of the finer things in life and we’ve come to learn that every thing is about balance ,so you will probably find us on the cheapest class of a train but then tucking into a gourmet meal later. We also have a keen eye for accommodation and although we don’t need much we will always pay the extra for a boutique beach hut with great views, or a guest house with an amazing social area. We love anything a bit quirky, off the beaten track and have a soft spot for great hospitality .

Our next great passion is our shared love of food. When we are in Italy orreceived_10153713856409058 our home countries we love finding new restaurants and inspiring flavours. But it’s also our Achillies heel, we would eat out every night if we could, so instead we’ve learnt to share our passion through cooking lessons and hosting top notch barbecues and dinner parties for our families and friends. However when we travel we go nuts! We love grabbing a quick bite from the local street vendors and finding the best restaurants in town. We have even been known to book a guest house because they serve amazing coffee.

Between the two of us we have been to nearly every corner of the world and have travelled South East Asia and India together. We have a never ending list of countries on our must see list so don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


We hope our blog inspires your next great adventure, anyone can do it!