Verona: Our Favorite Foodie Spots


We have been on so many day trips to Verona and loved the tourist sights when we first visited but what keeps drawing us back is the local vibes and the delicious food. Our favourite way to spend a day off is taking ourselves on a self-guided foodie tour of Verona. So in this post we will share with you our favourite spots, that are firmly off the tourist trail, and will offer you a true taste of Italy’s finest food.



Our first pick is a great spot for lunch or an evening drink. Osteria La Tradisiòn is tucked down a side street next toPiazza Bra and the Ancient Roman Arena. The restaurant is full of rustic character and serves tradition Italian food, they have a fresh tapas buffet everyday but we would recommend trying one of their fantastic meat and cheese platters. In true Italian style all the meat and cheese is locally produced and served with their home made mustard and bread on a rustic wooden board. If you can, grab a seat in their pretty courtyard and enjoy some of the best local wine. There is no wine menu available here instead they ask you to describe what you like and suggest the best wine for you. We would recommend the Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superior and Robbin’s local favorite Valpolicella Superior.


Next up is our favourite spot for Italian Gelato, there are soo many places in Verona where you can enjoy truly amazing ice cream, but what sets this place apart from the others is their fantastic seasonal flavours and picturesque surroundings. Caffe Alcova di La is on the pretty main street leading to the Ponte Pietra Bridge, all the buildings here are built in true Verona Style and the views across the river towards Castle San Pietro are beautiful. They always have the traditional flavours but the seasonal specialties are always the best, this time we had a delicious ginger and lime gelato.


Whilst you’re at the Ponte Pietra bridge take the time to enjoy the views from the best bar in the area! From outside Bar Terrazza Al Ponte might not look like it has much to offer, but inside you will find a lovely balcony overlooking the river. Make sure you try their Rose Prosecco … it’s one of the best we’ve had. Any good Italian bar will also offer small nibbles alongside a drink and Terrazza Al Ponte take their nibbles to a whole new level and offer canopie sized Parma ham and bruschetta.


We thought we would save the best till last…
For the best pizza, and we mean the best! Enjoy dinner at Peperino, here the flavours aren’t strictly local to Veronaas everything is inspired by Napoli, from the lay out of the restaurant that wraps around the wood fired pizza oven, which was built by famous Neapolitan bakers, to the tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella that are shipped fresh from Naples every day. What we love most about Peperino is the passion that goes into all their dishes, everything from the Parma ham to the olive oil is chosen strictly for it quality and flavour and all the ingredients used are freshly delivered that day. We also love that the pizza here is a little different to the others we’ve had and instead of being thin an crispy is light and fluffy, to make it even better they have successfully mastered the art of a good gluten free pizza. The pizza toppings are also inspiring and our favourites include the four cheese with Italian sausage and fresh buffalo mozzarella with basil and locally grown tomatoes.

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